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Remember that "special" time. Can you or your Reunion group fund all or part of the cost of purchasing the candles for "Candlelight Service". The estimate for the candles and batteries is $630.
If you or your group is interested, contact Steve Hines at (972) 625-2845 or (972) 365-5274. E-mail address is:



January 19
Chinn Chapel UMC
Highland Village

Men's Walk #1
February 7-10
Lake Sharon

Women's Walk #2
March 14-17
Lake Sharon

You can help make that special time "SPECIAL" for others. Please consider making a donation

Sponsorship… for MEN'S WALK #1

When I was asked to write an article for this issue, I  knew exactly what I wanted to say. My position on the Steering Committee is to be in charge of registration. I get to see… before anyone else… who our new pilgrims will be for the upcoming walks.
I get to relive the excitement I felt as my own walk, back in 1994, approached, and how excited I now know my own sponsor was. How can we deny our friends     and acquaintances that same
We do have several pilgrims signed up for both the men's and women's walks -- but

there is still plenty of room. Our goal is to have the walks be as full as possible so that the pilgrims will experience the walks as they were meant to.
This is such a momentous   occasion, to attend the very first set of walks in a brand-new community! Registration forms are available on our website. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring someone for this very special time in their Christian Walk. For more information, please call me at (972) 539-6939.

Kathy Faulkenberry

Men already
registered for
Men's Walk #1 --

John Aggus
Albert Tangney
Larry Looker
Keith Lockhart
Michael Monnig
Mike Simpson
Jeffrey Jones
Bruce Cope

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