Newsletter of the Denton Area Emmaus Community

From the Community Lay Director

be a tremendous gift of agape  to the pilgrims and also to the team. Both pilgrims and team are moved closer to God by just your presence. I say that based upon my personal experience.  It is a very special time for moving closer to the Lord and the message of the Walk To Emmaus. 
If you are sponsoring someone, I pray that you will make the commitment to attend sponsor's hour on Thursday evening.  This is the start of the weekend prayer coverage. This is a time for specific, personal, intercessory prayer for your pilgrim and his or her family.  If you are working on the team you should   not attend sponsor's hour.  Instead, you should have your spouse or    another member of our Emmaus community attend and pray for the pilgrim. This would be an opportunity for someone else to offer agape to your pilgrim (and to you). 
This is also the time when each Emmaus cross is assigned to a pilgrim and prayed over by the sponsor or the sponsor's alternate.  Sponsors, please be there in prayer for your pilgrim.

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Of course it is no surprise that God has, once again, used the Emmaus experience to make some powerful differences in the lives of people!
Our first men's walk was a tremendous success.  The Steering Committee would like to thank the  weekend teams, Conference Room and Servant Team for being patient as we got our Community started.  We can be pleased with what God is already doing through the Denton Area Emmaus Community.  The most important thing we can be doing now is getting more 'Reunion Groups' and 'Gatherings' under way to be sure our connection becomes strong. 
Our first women's walk (#2) will be March 14-17.  The team has been making preparations and is looking forward to serving the Lord on his weekend.  I ask all of the community to pray for the weekend.  Pray that all of the participants, pilgrim and team, will be blessed with an increased awareness of God's presence in their lives.  Your prayers are a very     important part of the weekend.
Whether you are a sponsor or not, I encourage you to attend the Candlelight Service on Saturday night.   Gather at about 8:00 PM on Saturday, March 16.  Your presence will


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