Newsletter of the Denton Area Emmaus Community

From the Community Assistant Spiritual Director

"They were talking with each other about everything that had happened."  Sometimes This line seems to get "lost" in Luke's chapter on the road to Emmaus and what we experience in our fourth days after our walk. The greatest understatement in the world is that we leave the Emmaus weekend different that we arrived. Our home is different, our church is different and our spiritual life is different.

When was the last time you checked on your spiritual health?  Is it in the same shape as it was on the Sunday evening of your walk?  When was the last time you took out your bag of agape and looked through it?  Do it today and invite a loved one to share in the reliving of your walk.

I have had men and women tell me that they go through their walk agape to remember to keep their spiritual life in order.  In the process they share pieces with other family members and friends.  Last week a woman told me that she had no idea what to do for her friend that really needed a "pick-me-up."  She spied that bag of agape in her closet and immediately sat down on the floor and started looking.  She found the perfect way to tell her friend "I love you and so does God."  She passed on God's message and looks forward to sharing the heart-warming

experience at her next reunion group.

This is the time of year your pastors are in serious need of a rest.  If your pastor has not taken the time to attend a walk I suggest you get with the Emmaus members of your church and encourage her or him to sign up for a September walk, now.  Make the weekend of spiritual renewal and fee part of your ministry to your pastor.  If your pastor has made a walk, encourage them to serve on one of the upcoming clergy teams.  They can email their availability and contact information to John Featherston (
john@tcchurch.org) or leave a message at 972-625-6655. 

God will bless you and your church for every moment you spend paying attention to the spiritual lives of those around you - and of course, your own!

May God Bless you richly,
Joe Zinser


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