Although I want to talk about Sponsorship, it was evident on Walks # 3 and #4 that you are    already good sponsors!  What awesome weekends, which cannot be possible without good Sponsorship. But since we now have 133 new community members, let's talk about Sponsorship.

Sponsorship is the act of your revisiting The Walk to Emmaus experience with the person whom God has laid upon your heart.  Sponsorship is one of the most important aspects of The Walk to Emmaus and must be taken seriously.  Sponsorship requires extensive prayer, diligent thought, careful planning and follow-through.  The strength of an Emmaus Community is a direct result of its sponsorship practices.

Pray about whom to sponsor and wait for God's leading.  If you are a first-time sponsor, seek the counsel of a more experienced person in the community before contacting your prospective      Pilgrim and read the book Sponsorship, by Richard and Janine Gilmore.

Make sure your Pilgrim is a Christian who belongs to a church and wants to attend a Walk to Emmaus weekend for the right reasons. Remember that the Emmaus

weekend is not a place to become a Christian, but is a place to strengthen church leaders. It is not a fix-it shop or a place to send problem members.

Meet with your Pilgrim to affirm his/her walk with the Lord and to share you own Walk to Emmaus experience, explaining how your life has changed. Include your Pilgrim's spouse in the discussion and encourage both to participate.

Explain the Emmaus weekend to your Pilgrim, being open and non-secretive; provide a copy of the book What Is Emmaus?  Help them understand how the weekend works and what they should bring, as well as items they should not bring (phones, cameras, etc.)

Be very careful not to create expectations, remembering that each Pilgrim's Walk experience is unique and personal, according to God's plan and not our own.

Help your Pilgrim with the Walk Application; making sure that his/her pastor signs it. (Please Pastors; do not sign the application of someone you do not know.) Send the application in with the Sponsor's side completed, reading carefully and checking off Sponsor's responsibilities.


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