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Lay Director (continued from page 1)

When you receive the  sponsor letter contact your candidate to ensure that they have confirmed that they will attend with Registration, passing along any health changes that occurred during the waiting  period are passed on to the Registrar. If the candidate needs to roll to the next available Walk, that information needs to be given. God's timing is perfect and your candidate will attend the Walk that they are supposed to attend.

Support your candidate in whatever decision they make, be an encourager. If your candidate is able to accept at the time of invitation then follow the directions in your sponsorship letter and start to prepare for serving in this capacity. Make arrangements to help and support your candidate's family.  This will ease their apprehensions about their family member attending the Walk, especially if no one in their family has been to Emmaus before.  Get to know some of your candidate's likes and dislikes. If they have a favorite drink, make sure you bring some for the weekend. For weekend snack agape, bring your candidate's favorite or a homemade treat. Store bought baked goods will likely be wasted.

When you arrive, someone will be outside to direct you to your candidate's room. Go to their room and make their bed - this is an act of agape. Return to the Registration table, check in, and proceed to the dining room for a potluck dinner and Send-Off. When directed, go to the Chapel for Sponsor's Hour where you will pray over your Pilgrim's cross.  Please remain until Sponsor's hour is complete. Leave the chapel quietly, as the Walk to Emmaus has begun.

Please remember to stay in prayer for your pilgrim and return Saturday evening for the Candlelight service (8:00 pm) and Sunday for Closing (4:00 pm). You are also to take the new Emmaus pilgrim to the Follow-Up meeting and assist him or her in joining a reunion group.

If you are unable to fulfill your obligations as sponsor in any way be sure to find a willing person to fill in for you.  This is a must!

Give your pilgrim to God in prayer - Blessings are just ahead.

It's time to register now
for our February and
March 2003 walks!

Barbara Carruth
Community Lay Director



November Gathering
Nov. 16th at 7:00PM
FUMC The Colony


January Gathering
Jan. 18th at 7:00 PM
St. Andrew's Christian Church, Carrollton

Men's Walk #5
February 6-9, 2003
Lake Sharon

Women's Walk #6
March 13-16, 2003
Lake Sharon

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to work in
Prison Ministry? 
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