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For the new community member (or anyone who may need a brush up)

Agape Acts - Special acts of prayer, sacrifice, and expressions of Christian love.

Babe Chick - A new community member.

Candlelight - A special service held on Saturday evening as an act of prayer and sacrifice on behalf of the Pilgrims.

Caterpillar - Youth on a Chrysalis flight or journey, the youth walk to Emmaus for high school students (flight) college students (journey).

Closing - The ceremony that follows the three-day weekend where the Emmaus community greets them and welcomes them in the Emmaus community.

Cursillo (Cursillo de Cristianidad) - Spanish for "short course" in Christianity. Is the predecessor to the Walk to Emmaus and originated in the      Roman Catholic Church.

Emmaus - An instrument of the Church to strengthen disciples within the ministry of individual congregations.

Emmaus Community - The gathering of all who have participated in an Emmaus weekend.

Epiphany - Three day short course designed     for young people who are in the custody of  Department of Youth Services or similar state          Departments.

Fourth (4th) Day - All the days following one's three-day Walk to Emmaus.

Outside Servant Team - Anonymous servant hood. This is a group of people behind the scenes that do not stay at the walk site. One must do this before you can work on an inside team.

Gathering - This is an opportunity to gather, share, and celebrate your Walk with Christ and other Christians.

Group Reunion - A small group of Christian friends who meet to discuss piety, study and action.  Members of these groups encourage and challenge each other in their discipleship.

Inside Team Service - Group of men or women who lead the walks.

Kairos - Prison ministry adapted from the Emmaus/Cursillo tradition.

Send Off- The gathering of sponsors and prospective Pilgrims that begins the seventy-two hour Walk to Emmaus.

Service Sheet (aka Group Reunion Card) -        Provides a format for keeping focused on your life in Christ.

Sponsor - Is the most important service in Emmaus. Is an awesome act of love.

Sponsor's Hour - A brief service of prayer for those who are sponsoring persons. It is held immediately after the send off.

Star - Any young person who is in the custody of the Department of Youth Services or a similar state department and attends an Epiphany weekend.

Talks - Short course in Christianity. Outlines are provided to give the framework of the 15 talks for the Walk to Emmaus.

The Diakonia - Newsletter of The Denton Area Emmaus Community.

Walk to Emmaus - A three-day walk with Jesus Christ.  It is a short course in the scripture and vital piety that leads to a life of Christian discipleship.

72-Hour Prayer Vigil - An organized vigil beginning at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, lasting until 7:00 p.m. on Sunday.  Members of the Emmaus community pray constantly during this time for the success of God's grace in the lives of the Pilgrims.

DeColores  - A song that was written  during a Cursillo weekend and has become a "theme song" for the Emmaus movement.

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